Kamp Armen’s Title Deed Has Not Been Returned Yet

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Faced with more than 30 years of injustice, our struggle against the eventual demolition of Camp Armen, the orphanage built with the hands of Armenian orphans, has been continuing for 22 days. Those who tried to demolish the orphanage with bulldozers 22 days ago claim that it will eventually be returned to Armenian people and keep telling lies about how the site is important and precious to them.
We keep saying the same thing from the very first day: Camp Armen should be returned to Armenian people now, without any conditions and without any restrictions! We will not allow for any more delay tactics; we stand against further postponement of the title deed transfer for another 10 or 15 days, or until the end of elections. The State, which confiscated our camp 31 years ago, must return it to us immediately.
The only power stopping those bulldozers from coming to our door again tomorrow morning is our resistance; but now, they try to create the false impression that “the camp has been finally returned” just to break our resistance. We will take Camp Armen! We will take it with our solidarity that is growing stronger everyday. We will take it despite all those efforts to deceive people with tricks of perception management. We will take it without being disheartened at any point! We will take it by repairing those demolished walls with our own hands! We will take it with our resistance!
We hereby declare again that we will continue our resistance until the deed is justly transferred and until Camp Armen is returned to Armenian people.

We invite all peoples to come to Camp Armen and to strengthen our resistance!

Kamp Armen Solidarity