Dear friends, comrades from all around the world,

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Today, in the 18th day of our Kamp Armen resistance, the current property owner of the Kamp, Fatih Ulusoy, has just declared that he would transfer property rights of the Kamp to Gedikpasa Armenian Protestant Foundation. To the press, national and international community which have been watching and supporting our resistance, we once again declare that our struggle will continue, and we shall not leave Kamp Armen until the land title and related property rights will be entirely transferred to the Foundation. We will not end our struggle for Kamp Armen until the transfer of property rights, formal process of land title registration, will be officially completed.

Also, we want to remind that the issue of confiscation, destruction and usurpation of the Armenian premises, properties and constructs of Armenian cultural heritage by the state is not limited to Kamp Armen. Hundreds of other establishments, buildings, churches, schools, private and collectively owned properties that have belonged to the Armenian people have shared the same destiny with Kamp Armen. Solution for these premises cannot be attempted with individual efforts; rather it must be proceeded collectively, and along with the political demands of the Armenian people.

We once again declare that Kamp Armen is, and will be precedent for further struggles for these confiscated, illegally usurped and destructed entities and social, cultural and political being of the Armenian people in Turkey. We once again call the support, and solidarity of all concerned parties of international community in our struggle to raise the demands of the Armenian people, and to ask the state and political authorities to fulfill their duties in securing the legal completion of the transfer of property rights for all these premises. Until then, we will continue to our resistance for Kamp Armen.

In solidarity,

Nor Zartonk

Translated by The Four-legged City